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With it’s slimline build, bright 5630 LEDs and durable plastic casing, The Invisible Kit LED lighting system is the most versatile of my kits to date. If you’re after a museum quality finish for your display cabinet, this is the kit you’re after. The Invisible Kit LED lighting system casts light into the whole cabinet all without being able to see the LEDs from the front viewing area, reducing the shadowing and lighting every corner of the unit. Designed to fit between the glass sides and the shelf frame in the Ikea Detolf cabinet,  the Invisible light kit is easy to install, discreet and casts more light than any of my previous designs.

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If you’re feeling adventurous you can opt to have your kit produced in multicoloured lighting with a remote control to add mood and variety to your lighting solution.

LEDs aren’t prone to high amounts of heat, but to help dissipate any heat build up, there is an aluminium heat sink between the LEDs and the casing which will help to prolong the life span of the LEDs strips. LEDs have a typical lifespan of around 50,000 hours (that’s about 5 and a half years!). LEDs are a thousand times more cost effective than standard filament bulbs and at least twice as efficient as energy saving bulbs.

Led light kit display

The Invisible Kit comes in 5 main parts that simply attach together using small discreet connectors along with a 12v power supply and inline switch.

This kit is designed for the IKEA Detolf glass display cabinet but the design is easily customised to almost any lighting requirement, including; display cabinets, shelves, under cabinet lighting in kitchens, campervans, mood lighting for the ceiling or even outdoor or garden lighting applications!

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Invisible light kit parts

Building on the Invisible LED light Kit’s design, the Downlighter LED lighting solution now has a fresh new look over previous designs. The new design for this LED light kit makes it easier to install, more discreet and yet still brighter than ever. Installation onto the individual shelves in the Detolf with a small connector means that you can still remove the shelves for cleaning or moving without having to remove the entire kit.

The Downlighter Kit is designed for the IKEA Detolf glass case but the principle can be customised to most cabinets.

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It has a single wire casing running up one side between the glass and the shelf frame, with four individual LEDs strips that fit to the underside of the shelves using a clear adhesive tape. Each LED light strip is cased and has a reflective area to cast the light downward onto the subject and maximise the light.

The Downlighter LED light kit now gives off more light than ever before thanks to its deeper recess and larger reflective surface area. Around 20% brighter and a wider angle of light cast means reduced dark corners and a well lit collection.

Invisible light kit display

This setup is particularly good for adding dimension and atmosphere to your display subject. With my particular hobby of collecting Hot Toys, lighting downward can really change a characters appearance and mood. And a change of light colour from warm to cool can change things again and bring out more definition. 

This LED lighting kit comes in 5 main parts that simply stick and click into place in your Detolf display case plus a 12v power adaptor (with approximately 2m of cable) and an inline switch.


If you’re looking to purchase multiple kits, or have a custom design in mind, contact me for a quote.

Each kit comes with an inline switch as standard, however if you would prefer a remote system there are two options. The first is a simple and small RF remote which is suitable for 1-2 kits. The second option is an expandable system that can connect to an almost infinite number of displays by way of small control boxes that replace the inline switch, and a handheld remote. You are also able to add a wifi control unit to this system which will allow you to control your LED lights using an app on your Android or iOS device.

All of my LED light kits are made by hand to order. International shipping takes around a week. I ask that you allow around 2-4 weeks for production on single units and up to 7 weeks on multiple orders. Upon shipping, you will be issued a tracking code to see the progress of your parcel.

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Have a query about my Ikea Detolf LED lighting kits or any other lighting needs? Get in touch and I will be happy to chat about the right design for you.

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